BRA-I is actively managed by an elected Governing Body consisting of 8 members ,working within the ambit of the Memorandum of Articles of Association and Rules and Regulations. The governing body meets regularly once in a month at the association’s own office .

The meetings , usually taking 2 to 3 hours , deals with new member applications and interviews, status evaluation of projects under the care of the governing body members , dispute resolutions , budgets , education programmes , NAR-I related projects and conventions.

At least twice in the year , BRA-I conducts education programmes , using educators sent by NAR-USA , ICREA or local talent.

The Disputes Resolution Cell is a mechanism which is quite unusual in India. While avoiding the use of legal options, it aims for impartial intervention and negotiation to resolve difference between members, between members and developers and members and their clients. Significant settlements have been made using this mechanism.

BRA-I as a member of NAR-I takes an important role in the national conventions of NAR-I which are held in rotation in the different member cities. In July 2011 it will be in Hyderabad.

Increasingly BRA-I is being viewed with respect by developers. Many require that a broker must be a BRA-I member , in order to sell for them.

In 2008 BRA-I conducted the first Transnational Certification Course , an ICREA supported course with an instructor sent by them. Over 90 estate agents from south India took part and are now enabled to do international real estate deals , safely and professionally.

Everyday business is enabled by the facility to list property availabilities and requirements on a email group shared by all members. In 2011 we are working towards setting up an MLS for BRA-I with national and international links.