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II. REGISTERED OFFICE : The Registered Office of the Society shall be situated at No.G-9, Copper Arch, No.83, Infantry Road, Bangalore - 560 001.

III. OBJECTS : The aims and objects for which the Society is established are

  1. To maintain high ethical standards of professional services in the Real Estate profession.

  2. To establish a centre for interaction amongst members and clients and promotion of business as per the high industry standards based on code of ethics.

  3. To establish committee/s for establishing better ways of providing services to the clients as well as to resolve any disputes in the trade of real estate.

  4. To standardise business practices in real estate trade.

  5. To establish a "code of ethics" to monitor the business behaviour and practices of members.

  6. To create a dispute resolution cell for members.

  7. To protect, promote and consider measures for the protection, promotion and advancement of the trade, and business in India and all other countries.

  8. To support and protect the character and status of trade of and allied services and to guide in laying down and maintaining standards of quality, to promote honourable practices and prevent/suppress malpractices, if any, and to promote co-operation between all persons engaged in the business of Real Estate Brokerage in India and all other countries as may be decided from time to time.

  9. To encourage and develop meaningful co-operation amongst persons engaged in the business of Real Estate Agency/ Brokerage and related services trade, directly or indirectly irrespective of caste, colour or creed, on all subjects connecting with and involving their common good.

  10. To institute, encourage, develop and progress all kinds of methods and guiding factors relating to the Real Estate Trade.

  11. To undertake short term training programs for the members of the Society with regards to the skill of tested techniques and to exchange new ideas to solve challenging problems to educate the members or persons related to the real-estate trade in the methods principles and standards to be maintained of the trade and in general to acquire a more enlightened perspective on Real Estate matters.

  12. To conduct conferences, seminars, demonstrations, exhibitions etc with a view to disseminating the knowledge and techniques of Real Estate investment and asset management, so that it would help the community of people involved to render better services with standard prescribed by the Society.

  13. To establish and assist in establishing co ordination with the Government or the concerned department to redress any grievance that the Society may think and decide hamper the interest of the trade.

  14. To employ and pay any person or persons to supervise, assist, organise, aid and advise and carry on the work of the Society and make all reasonable and necessary provision for the payment of amounts to such employees.

  15. To bring together in conference representatives of any organisations, Government departments, non-governmental organisations, statutory authorities, non statutory authorities, associations, trusts, charitable organisations, individuals etc. to enlighten the members of the Society or the members of the public.

  16. To promote and carry out or assist in promoting and carrying out research, surveys and investigations and publish the useful results of such research, surveys and investigations which affects and benefits the Real Estate trade and profession.

  17. To establish just and equitable principles in pursuit of the code of conduct towards better ethical trade/profession.

  18. To collect, classify and circulate statistical and other information and to undertake special enquiries whenever necessary on all matters relating to the Real Estate profession which will be beneficial and important for establishing the standards in the trade and profession for which the society will be striving to achieve with regards to its pursuit.

  19. To conduct surveys of all matters which affects the trade/profession for which this Society is formed and has the objective to achieve.

  20. To take all steps which may be necessary for promoting, supporting or opposing any legislation affecting the interests of the Real Estate profession by any Government Central, State or otherwise or any department thereof, or by any local body or any other public or semi-public body or officers, and in general to take the initiative and/or join in taking any collective action to secure protection and development of the Real Estate Agency profession in all respects.

  21. To make representations to Central or State Governments or local or public or semi-public authorities, executive or legislative, on any matter directly or indirectly affecting the Real Estate profession.

  22. To secure wherever possible, organised and/or concerted action directly or indirectly on all subjects relating to the interests of parties engaged in the Real Estate profession.

  23. To communicate with Associations of Commerce and Industry and/or other commercial and public bodies throughout India and the world, and concert and promote adopt measures for the protection and/or development of the Real Estate profession.

  24. To collect and disseminate statistical and other information for securing the promotion of the objects of the Society.

  25. To establish, maintain and expand a library of books and publications on statistical, commercial, technical, industrial and other general interests so as to diffuse knowledge and information on various aspects of Real Estate, trade, commerce and concert measures for advancing technical and general knowledge in connection with the main objects of the Society.

  26. To enlighten the public on all matters relating to Real Estate profession and to pass on information through all available media.

  27. To establish, maintain and conduct, finance or subsidise or raise special funds by voluntary contribution for experimental workshops, investigations for establishment of any data statistics, to award any scholarships subsidies lectures seminars conferences, considered likely to assist in the promotion of the Real Estate profession for which this society is established.

  28. To convene when thought necessary or expedient, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, or meetings at such places and at such times as considered desirable so as to further the objects of the Society.

  29. To ensure that all members of the Association co-operate with each other and follow the Rules and Regulations laid down by the Association.

  30. To settle disputes among members arising out of members violating the Rules and Regulations laid down by the Association.