There is only one class of membership : Ordinary Member.

Patron Membership and Corporate Membership have been discontinued. Public limited companies , private limited companies , partnership companies and individuals are all admitted as Ordinary Members .

To take membership , you have to apply to BRA-I using the application form which you can download from this site. Alternatively you may collect it from our office at G9, Prestige Copper Arch , Infantry Road , Bangalore . It is necessary for you to have a PAN/TAN number but you need not have a Service Tax number .Your application has to be proposed by an existing member and seconded by another , both of whom should have completed at least one year of membership of BRA-I. They will be consulted about your suitability for membership , so it’s advisable that you get into a cordial working relationship with a few members , if you aren’t already.

Your application has to be accompanied by a cheque for :

Admission fee 10,000.00
Annual Membership Fee 5,000.00 *
NAR-I Annual Membership Fee 500.00
Total 15,500.00

Service Tax would be added on all the above at the currently applicable rate : 12.36%

*If you are admitted after December of any year, your annual membership fee would be reduced to Rs 2500.00

You will be called for an interview with the Governing Body, shortly thereafter at which you should be accompanied by either your proposer or your seconder. After researching your application, the Governing Body will inform you of its decision to admit you or not. They are not required to publicly reveal any reasons for either decision.

Application Form