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B. The Registered Office of the Society will be situated at No.210, Copper Arch No.83, Infantry Road Bangalore - 560 001.


In these Rules and Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires.

Annual General Meeting means a General Meeting of the Members held in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Appointment of Committees /Advisory Boards/ Task Forces and any other organisation: The Governing Body may set-up and formulate the working of any Committees/ Advisory Board/Task Forces as and when deemed fit by the Governing Body. The Governing Body shall also formulate and publish the rules and regulations as per which the said Committees/ Advisory Boards/Task Forces shall work. Amended at 10th AGM dt 31.10.2009

Associates : Associate means any individual organisation including Corporates, societies, institutions, government agencies, national and/or international, who, having been admitted as Associate of the Society, according to the rules and regulations of the Society, shall have paid a subscription or shall have signed the roll or list of Associates thereof and shall not have resigned in accordance with such rules and regulations, but in all proceedings the Act, no organisation shall be entitled to use or be counted as an Associate whose subscription at the time shall have been in arrears for a period exceeding three months. The Governing Body may at its discretion classify different classes of Associates, depending on the subscription amounts charged and liable to be paid by such Associates. For the purposes of clarity no Associate would be a member or deemed to be a Member of the Society.

Committee : The Committee would mean and include a body of individuals who have been specifically formed as a committee by the Governing Body for any purpose/object as deemed fit by the Governing Body, the Governing Body may constitute any number of Committees. Amended at 10th AGM dt 31.10.2009

Directors : Directors means the Members of the Governing Body for the time being of the Society.

Extraordinary General Meeting : Extraordinary General Meeting means an extraordinary General Meeting of the Members duly called and constituted.

Funds : Funds means and include all investments and funds and properties, movable and immovable, belonging to the Society and vested in the Governing Body.

Governing Body : Governing Body means the Directors in whom the management of the affairs of the Society is for the time being entrusted. Governing Body shall have the same meaning as in Section 2(a) of the Act.In writing : In writing means written on printed or partly written and partly printed or lithographed, or type-written or written or other substitute for writing.

Intellectual Property : Intellectual Property means includes, covers, patents, industrial designs, copy rights, trade marks, know how confidential information, industrial property, trade secrets, proprietary information, etc.

Meeting or General Meeting : Meeting or General Meeting means a meeting of Members.

Member/s : Member/Members would mean the signatories to the Memorandum of Association, Members of the Governing Body, and any person or entity who has been specifically admitted to the Membership of the Society. For the purpose of clarity no Associate shall be deemed to be a Member of the Society as defined under the Act.

Month: Month means a English calendar month.

Prescribed: Prescribed means prescribed under these regulations.

Person: Person includes corporations (and firms) as well as individuals.

President: shall mean a Director who has been so appointed to be and to act as the President of the Society. The first President of the Society shall be Mr. Hussain, son of late Haji Ali Mohammed Sait and Mr. Farook Mahmood, would be Vice President, whose appointment shall be till the next A.G.M.

Proxy: Proxy means an instrument whereby any person is authorised to vote for a Member at a General Meeting or poll.

Register of Associates : Register of Associates means the Register showing the names and other details of the Associates of the society.

Register or Register of Members : Register or Register of Members means the Register of Member to be kept pursuant to the Act.

Registrar : Register means the Registrar of Societies of the State in which the office is for the time being situated.

Regulation : Regulation means these rules and regulations.

Seal : Seal means the Common Seal for the time being of the Society.

Society's Regulations or these presents : Society's Regulations or these presents means these Rules and Regulations and any other Regulations for the time being for the management of the Society.

Special Resolution : Special Resolution means a Resolution of the Society wherein the votes in favour are three times the votes against the Resolution.

The Act : The Act means "The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960", and shall include any subsequent additions or modifications thereto from time to time.

The Auditors or The Auditor : The Auditors or The Auditor means and includes those persons appointed as such for the time being by the Society.

The Society or this Society : The Society or this Society means.

The Office : The Office means the Registered Office for the time being of the Society.

Year : Year means the period ending 31st March of every calendar year.Words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and vice-versa.

Words imparting the singular number include, where the context admits or requires, the plural number and vice versa.

Subject as aforesaid, any words or expressions defined in the Act shall, except where repugnant to the subject or context, bear the same meaning in these Rules and Regulations.